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We at Sound Ex Machina are an independent studio producing sound effects and foley libraries suitable for your audio/visual project. Here you can find royalty-free context-based sound libraries recorded at various indoor and outdoor locations under different settings, recorded, edited and mastered at various sample rates (48k/96kHz at 24bit),
The main concept design is to convey sonic environments and sound frames focused on diversity, quality, and style. Further to that, it’s been our aim to provide. Creative Freedom: The package is intended for those who need straight forward samples, with a variety of versions in each articulation group for maximum creative freedom.
Versatility, Multiple versions of the same sound are provided so you can pick up whatever suits your needs best.
Flexibility, Raw, unprocessed sounds for maximum flexibility and versatility. Precision, All sounds are trimmed with extreme attention to accuracy, so that each of them is ready to use “as is”.
Hope you find it useful and we’d greatly appreciate your feedback. We are taking everything into account for our next libraries, which are coming soon. We are always in continuing search of interesting and useful sound sets that constantly will added in the catalogue.

Analog Days
390 files included - This pack houses old portable cassette players, retro WW tube radios, vintage turntable players & retro…...
Animal Farm
165 files included - Animal Farm is dedicated to most popular farm animals, rural ambiences and agricultural activities - all you…...
Basketball Game Pro
Basketball Game Pro is thematically centered around a basketball game. All sounds have been recorded in a real match, containing…...
Basketball Game Ultra
334 files included - A toolset to help you create realistic sport ambiences, to design your own sounds or foley the…...
Endless Drones
Endless Drones is a diverse set of 100 multi-layered atmospheres and mangled drone textures, that will help you portray an unsettling…...
Kitchen Sounds
244 files included - This library contains high-quality sounds from a professional kitchen you can sync to any visuals. Everything…...
380 files included - Genuine waves of laughter of both single and large crowd voices suitable for your sitcoms, comedy live…...
Mediterranean Summertime
120 files included - Mediterranean Summertime includes 120 selections dedicated to life and the atmosphere of both glitz and off-beat Mediterranean…...
Rain City
84 rainscapes captured at various indoor & outdoor locations, in a quiet urban environment...
A varied palette of scratch sounds ready to use in your sound design or foley projects. Scratches library is a comprehensive library…...
Sounds of Istanbul
80 files included - A collection of 80 high quality mid-eastern flavored soundscapes gathered around Istanbul....
UI Sounds: Futuristic
A collection of 400 hi-tech sounds for any kind of user interface, HUD system or gameplay....
UI Sounds: Musical
300 files included - Musical UI sounds to deliver deeper emotional resonance into your projects. Subtle to glitch and juicy…...
UI Sounds: Organic
400 files included - Unique Organic UI sounds with a human touch for your user interfaces...
Vintage Telephones
Vintage Telephones SFX library contains 244 sounds extracted from 10 historic, rotary dial devices designed between the 1880s and 1980s. Inside, you’ll…...
Water Flow
41 files included - 80+ minutes of water flow sounds ranging from the gentlest burbling of a tiny brook to the…...