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Brand: Mechanical Wave


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Founded in Quebec City, Mechanical Wave strives to develop high-quality products designed for all media and audio professionals. Our goal is to offer a wide selection of sound effects that are affordable and easy to download. All of our sounds are recorded in 24-bit/96kHz and are offered in WAV files embedded with metadata.  We wish to offer unique products that meet the needs of a community of sound designers looking for a wider variety and originality of their projects. We also wish to offer access to a broader range of creative tools, in order for sound designers to benefit from the utmost creative flexibility.

Ambience Pack 01
Since our beginning, we have the opportunities to travel around different places and record many ambiences. Ambience Pack 01, is…...
Cardboard and Paper
Cardboard and Paper is a library with a diversity of different Books, magazines, Leaflets, Posters, maps, Little, medium and large…...
Cinematic Feel
Cinematic Feel is a plus to have for your cinematic productions and to add loudness to your mix. A package…...
Civil Alarm
33 files • 96 kHz/32 Bit • 1.06Go • 21:29 mins Civil Alarm is a sound effects package with many…...
Clothes And Accessories
Clothes and Accessories is a sound library with several clothes, bags, hats, glove and many other fabric/tissue things recordings for…...
Doors and Drawers
Everyday Doors and Drawers! The sounds recorded in this pack are from: Cabinet, Corner cabinet, Cabin, Chest, Cooler, Cupboard, Dishwasher,…...
Excavator Sounds
Excavator Sounds is a library of a recording session during excavation work at home. This bundle contains an overall recording…...
Farm Animals
Farm Animals is a sound effect library covering animals sounds from a barn. You will find animals as: Goose, Cow,…...
Foley Session 01
Foley Session 01 is the first of two foley sound packs. This sound library includes a variety of miscellaneous sounds…...
Foley Session 02
Foley Session 02 is the second edition of the Foley Sessions by sound designer Mechanical Wave! It includes more various…...
Glass is a library with many glass destructions and manipulations.  It's a package of Breaking, smashing, debris drop, fragment moves,…...
Gore Sound Kit
GORE Sound Kit is a package of viscous squishy, cracking, manipulating and dropping juicy sounds. The library contains 376 files…...
Homemade Waterphone
288 files • 96 kHz/32 Bit • 3.74Go • 54:29 mins Introducing Homemade Waterphone: a daring journey into the realm…...
The trees that were cut on the recording of the Lumberjack library have been meticulously chosen because they were sick…...
Multi Impacts
Multi Impacts sound effects collection contains many impact hits and collision sounds on several different surfaces. The library contains 258…...
Rock Brick And Dirt
Rock, Brick, and Dirt is a package of impact and hit sounds of rock (stone) and brick. The library contains…...

Ambience Pack 01


Since our beginning, we have the opportunities to travel around different places and record many ambiences. Ambience Pack 01, is a package that we have built with the better of them. Recorded from City, Country, Forest, and outside and inside places, this sound library offers a wide variety of ambiences so you can find the right one you need for your projects. 


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