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Brand: Matias Cervnio


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My name is Matías Cerviño. I’m a sound designer and producer of sound effects libraries from Argentina.

Quantum State
Quantum State is a collection of 30 soundscapes aimed to be used in movies, games and documentary films. It was created…...
Retrace is a small pack of 96 strong sound elements. If you need to create suspense, tension and action  in…...
Retrieve is a simple but intense sound collection of 55 cinematic rhythmic loops at 120 BPM (WAV, 96kHz–24bit). The sounds…...
Sense is an exciting sound collection of textures to enrich the sonic world of your sci-fi production. If you need…...
The Case
Need to create suspense, tension, action and mystery in your production? The Case is perfect for you! Like my sound…...
The Transition
The Transition is a collection of 127 transition sound effects aimed to enhance atmospheres, create movement and enrich musical compositions.…...
Need to create suspense, tension, and mystery in your production? Then the Unsolved sound library is great for you! Inspired…...
Upright is a collection of 337 vertical piano sound effects suited for horror productions. If you are a musician who wants…...
Quantum State Ambiences

Quantum State


Quantum State is a collection of 30 soundscapes aimed to be used in movies, games and documentary films. It was created to evoke the atmosphere of a Quantum World.

If you are working on a documentary about Quantum Mechanics or in any Sci-fi project where, for example, your protagonist is trapped in a molecular space this sound pack can be great tool to achieve those things. Each soundscape has a duration of 1:05 minutes.



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