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Brand: Glitchedtones


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Glitchedtones is a UK-based sound effects label with a focus on bringing unique audio content to media producers of all genres. Specializing in glitch elements using unconventional sound generators and recording techniques, the Glitchedtones output is perfect for anyone seeking audio with an edge. Feedback loops, granular synthesis, databending, circuit bent toys and more are exploited to deliver a versatile palette of unique sounds suited to a variety of multimedia projects.

Abstract Sound Design
Abstract Sound Design is a budget-friendly collection of unique audio material sourced from digital feedback loop experiments and granular processing…...
Dark, Raw and Surreal Soundscapes featuring sounds taken from lo-fi instrumental recordings, harsh noise experiments and granular synthesis explorations, Atmosfear…...
Bass Weight Low End Elements
40 Bass oneshots. Bass Weight: Low End Elements is a small bespoke sound library featuring 40 sub-heavy oneshots ready to…...
Data Destruction
Extreme Databent Audio. Data Destruction is a collection of sounds made using the technique of databending, the creative destruction of digital…...
Data Disruption
200 files of extreme glitch & digital noise. Databending: A digital art form where flaws in digital systems are exploited…...
Dreamstates is a collection of abstract ambient elements full of stretched-out swathes of noise, hazy, washed-out melodics, deep, tension-invoking drones,…...
Drones sound library includes 50 drones to set the atmosphere for an array of productions in many genres. The distant industrial…...
Electromagnetic Field
Lo-Fi EMF Sessions. With a distinct lo-fi aesthetic and edge, this unique collection of electromagnetic field recordings is perfect for environments…...
Feedback Loop FX and Atmospheres
feedback sweeteners & production elements. Feedback Loop FX and Atmospheres offers you 200 sounds from no-input mixer recording sessions featuring…...
Glitches is a collection of 500 error sounds for use as communications interference, future computer malfunctions, data processing, Sci-Fi weapon…...
Granular Textures
40 Diverse Grainscapes. Granular Textures is a collection of foley sounds, instrumentals and lo-fi recordings which were fed into granular…...
Harsh Noise
Harsh Noise is a collection of analog feedback loop manipulations where traditional audio equipment is pushed to extremes and sent…...
High Frequency Feedback Loops
Piercing analogue noise. High Frequency Feedback Loops is a 57 sound collection of harsh, piercing analogue noise sourced from a…...
Prepare for Impact... Impact is a 100 sound collection of light and heavy abstract hits sourced from lo-fi recordings of the…...
Noise Elements: Electrical and Interference
Designed electrical & interference noise. Noise Elements: Electrical & Interference is a sound effects library featuring 36 noise production elements…...
Foreboding atmospheres and haunting vocals. A collection of eerie synthesized tones, ominous drones, abstract textures and ghostly vocals ready to…...
Abstract Sound Design

Abstract Sound Design


Abstract Sound Design is a budget-friendly collection of unique audio material sourced from digital feedback loop experiments and granular processing sessions.



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