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Digital Rain Lab is a collective of professional sound designers/tech and sci-fi wizards, whose experience spans across many subdisciplines: from cinematography to in-house interactive audio system development. This is the best place to find premium quality sound effect libraries for any project.

Every product is thought through and developed by designers for designers, lovingly crafted using new creative and cutting-edge techniques for a unique style of sound, and comes with an instant and unlimited support. Strict QA, maximum compatibility for multipurpose use, regular updates, and full metadata – what makes Digital Rain Lab’s libraries stand out.

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Lethal Energies

Digital Rain Lab


1096 files included – The ultimate, self-contained sci-fi weapon library! Blasters, lasers, one shots repeaters and more are at your trigger happy fingertips and ears with this quality collection.


The Lethal Energies sound effects library gets you a powerful and versatile collection of designed sci-fi guns and weapons. We work as game sound designers and are huge sci-fi fans, and our aim with this SFX library was to build the ultimate, self-contained sci-fi weapon library – in the sense that it includes everything you need to create powerful weapon sounds. It comes with a range of designed weapons, divided into Light, Medium and Heavy weapon categories. Also included in the library are weapon construction kit sound effects like aiming sounds, laser blaster shots, shot punches, electricity sounds, foley sounds, force fields, sensors, servos, transitions and more.

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