Fireworks SFX Sound Effects Collection

Epic Stock Media Product - Fireworks SFX

Fireworks explosions, fizz and whistle sounds. Traditional fireworks sounds recorded from different perspectives. 45 sounds in this concise custom collection.

Files : 45

Format : .WAV 44.1k 16 bit resolution

Size : 47.8 MB

Length (lapsed time) : 4m 44s

Price : $19.00

Fireworks SFX - Complete Description and Demos

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Assorted firework recordings, ranging from individual explosions to multiple fireworks going off at the same time. This collection has lots of nice sharp bangs, and includes a variety of firework sounds recorded close up and from a distance.

Product Specs:
Name Fireworks SFX
Author Stuart Duffield
License Description Single User - Epic Stock Media EULA
Type minipack
Total Size all Files 47.8 MB
Number of Files Total 45
Content List View list of contents
Lapsed Time 4m 44s
Formats and Resolution .WAV 44.1k 16 bit resolution
Product Number SD-1003
SFX Categories Ambient & AtmosphericDestruction & Impacts
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