Ancient Game Sound Effects Collection

Epic Stock Media Product - Ancient Game

1508 files included - Get ready for adventure: Ancient Game gets you 1500+ designed and source MMO / game-ready audio assets. Step into a world of fantasy with Ancient Game – The Legendary RPG Adventure Game Sound Library by Epic Stock Media! Includes Magic, Warfare, Gore, Treasures, Mechanisms, Monsters, Loop-able ambiences and more! All in 96k / 24 Bit for optimum clarity and supernatural sound. Available in Epic Arsenal Complete - The Ultimate Sound Library Value Bundle!

  • Embedded Soundminer metadata
  • All files are mastered and memory footprint optimized
  • Cutting edge sound designed game audio assets

Files : 1508

Format : .WAV 96k 24 bit resolution

Size : 2.86 GB

Length (lapsed time) : 1.12 Hours

Price : $79.00   ON SALE    $59.00

Ancient Game - Complete Description and Demos

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Legends and war, cinematic adventures, epic quests now theres a sound effects library that is totally tuned to your visions of antiquated and ancient times! Includes over 1,500+ files all recorded in stunning 96k 24 bit resolution. Get on with your quest with our most exciting sound library yet! All files include Soundminer meta data.

Ancient Game Audio Sound Kit

Product Details:

  • All in 96k 24Bit .wav
  • 1,500+ files
  • Adventure Game Sound Library
  • Magic Spells, Buffs and Whooshes
  • Cannon and Flintlock Black Powder Shots
  • Magic Conjures, Sparkles, and Glitter
  • Items, Treasure, Touches, Specials
  • Positive Fantasy Collects and Achievements
  • Game Equipment, Bags, and Perks
  • MMO UI Tabs, Menu Transition, Slides and Clicks
  • Mining Hammer, Leather Working, Crafting
  • Enchanting, Bubbles, Pops, Apothercery FX
  • Monster Orcs Grunts, Deaths and Groans
  • Organic Mechanisms, Turns, Twists, Unlocks
  • Levers, Cranks, Doors, Inventory Bags,
  • Pulleys, Wooden Wheels, 
  • Tribal FX, like Singing Bowls, and Shaman Sorcery 
  • Organic Metals, Sockets and Switches
  • Potions, Elixirs, and Liquids
  • RPG Tonal Loop-able Ambiences
  • Nature Loops, and Organic Source
  • Blood Guts and Warfare Gore-Fireworks

Ancient Game MagicAncient Game StatueAncient Game 1500 sound effectsAncient Game Box

Product Specs:
Name Ancient Game
Author ESM
License Description Single User - Epic Stock Media EULA
Type soundpack
Total Size all Files 2.86 GB
Number of Files Total 1508
Content List View list of contents
Lapsed Time 1.12 Hours
Formats and Resolution .WAV 96k 24 bit resolution
Metadata Soundminer embedded
Product Number ESM-AG
SFX Categories Nature & OrganicWeapons & WarfareFoleyInterface UI/UXMaterials & TextureAmbient & AtmosphericDestruction & ImpactsGame SoundsEnvironmentsAnimals & CreaturesWhooshesSci-Fi
More Info:


-All in 96k 24Bit .wav
-1,500+ files
-Adventure Game Sound Library
-Magic Spells, Buffs and Whooshes
-Cannon and Flintlock Black Powder Shots
-Magic Conjures, Sparkles, and Glitter
-Items, Treasure, Touches, Specials
-Positive Fantasy Collects and Achievements
-Game Equipment, Bags, and Perks
-MMO UI Tabs, Menu Transition, Slides and Clicks
-Mining Hammer, Leather Working, Crafting
-Enchanting, Bubbles, Pops, Apothercery FX
-Monster Orcs Grunts, Deaths and Groans
-Organic Mechanisms, Turns, Twists, Unlocks
-Levers, Cranks, Doors, Inventory Bags,
-Pulleys, Wooden Wheels, 
-Tribal FX, like Singing Bowls, and Shaman Sorcery 
-Organic Metals, Sockets and Switches
-Potions, Elixirs, and Liquids
-RPG Tonal Loop-able Ambiences
-Nature Loops, and Organic Source
-Blood Guts and Warfare Gore

Product Reviews :

CrimsonWingzz: Really high quality sounds, and there's no repeats so when they say 1500+ sounds, they really mean 1500+ sounds. There's a whole range of things from Ambience, UI, and even Inventory sounds and I must say, they're perfect quality for an RPG or even a Diablo-style game.

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