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There’s nothing like getting the sound right.

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It's when the audio in your project becomes a persuasive and compelling part of telling a dynamic story in media. After all, sound and music are just as much a part of the experience as graphics and environmentals.

Sometimes, to get it just right, you need to to get some help. You can benefit from some added perspective, sound and music that is truly tweaked and custom created to realize your creative vision and bring your media to life. That’s why Epic Stock Media offers custom sound design, music and sound recording for film, TV, video, games or whatever the story you’re going to tell.

Let Epic Stock Media Custom Studios put our audio magical trade techniques to work for you and we’ll generate engaging evocative experiences through hand crafted sound and music that exceeds your expectations. Your ears, head and heart will feel it; and it sounds good!

Need Sound for Your Project?

Our Services:

  • Music – Original music, ranging from orchestral, modern brand tracks, to loop-able game music.

  • Sound Design – Custom Audio Asset Design – including soundscapes and single sound effects.

  • Post Production – Audio post production, including editing and processing field recordings.

  • NEW - Mastering & Audio File Repair and Restoration - including music track mastering for all music genres and broadcast specifications.

  • Planning – assisting you during the audio planning phase of your project – It's never too late to talk about your projects sound! 
  • Contact Us or drop us an note describing your project or for more conversation or just to talk about ideas for your next project

What We Do Great

Music and Sound Design created for RTS game - Age of Salvation

Sound Design for Animated Explainer Video - Kineticor

Original Music Score for National TV Commercial - Freschetta Pizza

Original Music Score for Internet Commercial - FAAM

Contact Us or drop us an note describing your project or for more conversation or just to talk about ideas for your next project

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