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We are Epic Stock Media!

“We Create Sound for the World”

Who We Are

Epic Stock Media is a family owned and operated internet digital media company established in 2014. We create and distribute sound and digital media products that change the way you hear and see audio in games, films, TV, performances and anywhere in the world where people consume media.

Our Mission

To make everything you do sound epic or die trying “Cue in background war sounds”.

Our Vision

We’re learners. We’re growers. We’re here to help you transform the world, one project at a time.

We’re Gamers @#$%

We can relate to game developers because we play too…We want the games we play to sound awesome. Our gamer tag on Xbox Live is GHETTYGREENN. Invite us to play! #squadup


Located in Nashville (Franklin), Tennessee, the company is a small team of caffeinated nerdy types that do nerd like things involved with game and film audio and video. On an average day, you can find us at Oscar's Taco Shop stuffing our faces with carne asada quesadillas or in our whitey tighties, in our basement designing sounds, making music, building software and stuff like that. Drop us a line if you ever want to talk shop!

"Behind the Scenes"


Andrew Scudder Co founder

 Andrew Scudder aka Big boi - Co-founder, Content Developer

Andrew is a motivated and passionate builder of things. Andrew also Co-Founder of Sound Yeti uses his Creativity as a staple in his out of box development process by connecting the dots in ways not before thought. With a take no prisoners attitude he drives projects forward to success. Andrew’s strengths are entrepreneurship, leadership, creative direction, content creation, team building, and being weird. 

Ultimately, Andrew's main goal is to inspire and motivate people, helping propel them to their destiny and becoming the best they can be.

collin scudder co founder sound designer composer

  Collin Scudder aka Lil bud - Co-Founder, Creative Director, Sound Designer, Composer

Collin is a highly skilled professional with years of expertise in sound design and audio engineering. He demonstrated success creating original music and sound effects for video games, films, and commercials. His Proven ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, consistently delivering exceptional results within tight time constraints. Collin is passionate about creating high quality music and sound effects. Driven to go above and beyond expectations to achieve goals.

My favorite sounds to create: Magic, Fantasy, Combat, Gore, Cinematic, and Game Audio in general.

john scudder co founder epic stock media

 John Scudder aka Greybeard - Co-founder, Utility Infielder

John is the perfect example of outside of the box thinking as in what was God thinking when he created this guy? Yikes... His growth-oriented approach helps deliver results-driven marketing and digital leadership and expertise in translating our strategic objectives into business results... really he just does stuff that needs to be done... He also likes long walks on the beach.

I'm fascinated by the fact that everyone I know that has died has eaten carrots... might carrots be the cause of death then?

marty meinerz sound designer

 Marty Meinerz aka Big Dawg - Sound Designer, Composer, Nerd

Marty is a sci-fi and video game nerd who has been writing music and making noises since he was a child. Fast forward through a degree in Game Design with a Sound Concentration, dropping out of a master’s degree in Digital Cinema, and you will find a career that has seen Hollywood movie trailers, network music placements, zombie toys, cheesy movies, heartfelt documentaries, fun video games, and lots of coffee. Currently living in Chicago with his wife (kissy face emoji), and dog Boba Fetch.

Somehow I've grown into a tall, awkward adult that spends most of his free time absorbing games/movies/shows/books/bourbon, playing piano, and trying to write personal bios that are entertaining and reflect who he is as a person. Fail! :-)

david levy sound designer composer

  David Levy aka Daddy Backpack - Sound Designer, Composer, Groovemaster

David worked as a sound engineer/ mixer/ producer under the legendary Tony Bongiovi (Madonna, AC/DC, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Mariah Carey) and Doug Lubahn (the Doors, Billy Squier) at Power Station Studios for more than 8 years. Plus he's worked closely with Bob Katz and Ron “Saint” Germain (311, Muse, Bad Brains, Creed). His professional roots were established in the Orlando entertainment scene with tracking and mixing countless music artists, composing for giants like Disney and Verizon and doing sound design, engineering and production for album collections, TV shows & video games.

Testing 1,2,3 can you hear me... is this on? Wait... it's not plugged in!

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